We are committed to achieving high quality standards in all our projects. To this end, our Group Companies have each set up a quality assurance/quality control department. Since 2000, PEC has implemented OHSEQ and all projects carried out by PEC are required to comply with this management system. At the same time, our other Group Companies are in the process of putting in place procedures to comply with OHSEQ, to the extent possible. A brief description of the quality assurance aspect of OHSEQ is set out below.

At the commencement of each project, the OHSEQ goals and objectives will be agreed upon between the customer and PEC.A project execution plan which includes a quality assurance plan or an inspection and test plan will be prepared by the project execution team for each project. The quality assurance plan is prepared with reference to OHSEQ. The quality assurance plan details the site organization structure, the duties and responsibilities of each officer, the control measures (undertaken to ensure the goals and objectives of the project are met), the general execution procedures (descriptions on steps undertaken to carry out common tasks) and method statements (descriptions on steps taken to carry out an important task) to be adopted by the project team. After the quality plan is accepted and approved, PEC will execute the project in accordance to the plan to achieve the expected quality standards.

Under the OHSEQ, we maintain a list of approved suppliers and sub-contractors from which we procure materials and services for our projects. We constantly evaluate their performance through feedback from our project personnel and quality control team. Suppliers and sub-contractors who fail to meet our performance criteria may not be considered for future PEC projects.

Under the OHSEQ, we have to carry out mandatory audits to ensure compliance. Our quality audit team, comprising an Executive Officer and/or senior project manager, a project supervisor and a quality executive, conducts regular audits in accordance with the OHSEQ audit schedule and any defaults uncovered will be rectified in accordance to the quality plan prescribed by the OHSEQ. The quality audit team will conduct inspections during the course of the project to ensure that work is carried out according to our quality procedures, unnecessary wastage of materials is minimized, site housekeeping is in order and safety, health and all relevant environment issues are taken care of. Regular briefings are held on-site to promote safety, health, environment and quality. Regular checks/audits are also carried out to ensure proper site set-up and work processes.

By means of regular project meetings, we gather feedback from our customers about their quality expectation, our quality performance and any changes in their quality requirements. Our Executive Directors and Executive Officers periodically meet up with our customers to obtain feedback on our services. We also hold regular meetings with our project managers to discuss and review our quality performance and improvements that needs to be put in place to enhance our standards.

Quality Policy