Our ability in providing EPC project works and single-source maintenance services

  • We have distinguished ourselves from our competitors as a provider of integrated engineering solutions.
  • We are able to provide all the requisite major engineering disciplines.

Our established track record and experienced management team

  • Long operating history spanning over 25 years and some of our major customers have worked with us since 1982.
  • Established reputation as a reliable provider of integrated engineering solutions.
  • Executive Directors each with more than 20 years of experience in the oil and gas and/or oil and chemical terminal industries.
  • A team of experienced Executive Officers project managers and senior engineers, many of whom have been with our Group for more than 15 years.

Our focus on staff training and development

  • Workers are equipped with the necessary skills to perform their duties proficiently and deliver quality works.
  • Well-trained and motivated workforce is a key asset of our Group.
  • Awarded the Singapore Quality Class certification.

We own a large and growing fleet of construction equipment

  • Our fleet of about 2,000 pieces of construction equipment as at the Latest Practicable Date provides great assurance to customers that we have the necessary construction equipment resources to perform our work efficiently an without delay.
  • Competitive advantage in securing bigger projects due to our reliability in providing construction resources, our flexibility in cross-deploying equipment to our various operation sites and to respond more readily and efficiently to emergency or un-planned plant shutdown work.

Our innovative use of information communication technology

  • The use of our in-house developed resource management solution, EIS, our project management platform, PECMm, and the use of advanced third party software have greatly enhanced our operations and productivity and enabled us to have a competitive edge over other companies in our industry.